Jason Rohde sENTENCE SCA

Photo: Nadine Theron / eNCA / Twitter

Wife-killer Jason Rohde wins appeal to have jail sentence SHORTENED

Jason Rohde, who was convicted of murdering his wife at a luxury wine estate, has controversially had his prison sentence trimmed by the SCA.

Jason Rohde sENTENCE SCA

Photo: Nadine Theron / eNCA / Twitter

Jason Rohde, convicted for the murder of his wife Susan back in 2018, has been handed a lifeline by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on Tuesday – after the bench took the decision to shorten his sentence to 15 years. The presiding judges have accepted the arguments set out in the appeal, rejecting claims that Mrs. Rohde was ‘viciously assaulted’.

RECAP: Who is Jason Rohde?

Rohde was initially serving 20 years in prison for the murder of his wife, Susan, at the luxury Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. The pair were staying here while he attended a conference related to his business.

She was found dead inside a locked bathroom, strangled by the iron cord that was still around her neck. Rohde has always maintained his innocence and claims she took her own life.

The courts believe a different story, though, and convicted Rohde because they felt ‘he had orchestrated an immense cover-up’ – which allegedly included the hiring of actors – to protect himself from the consequences of the heinous act.

During the trial, it was revealed that Rohde was involved in an extra-marital affair. This piled immense pressure on their marriage as Susan had found out about it. Before today, the convicted murderer has launched several unsuccessful appeals, against both his conviction and sentence – and the SCA has only granted him relief on the latter.

SCA explain why they shortened wife-killer’s sentence

  • The SCA has upheld the conviction, but they did decide to shave five years off the jail term – here’s why:

“The SCA found that the court erred in finding that the deceased had been smothered. There was also no evidential basis for finding that the appellant [Jason Rohde] had punched Susan with his ring bearing first. It’s also reasonably possible that the deceased was not smothered, and the fractured robs were caused by a CPR attempt.”

“Accordingly, the suspect did not assault the victim in a way that has been previously described. No substantial or compelling arguments can justify a departure from anything other than 15 years in prison”.