Adam Catzavelos K-word tourist

(Twitter screenshot)

Adam Catzavelos: What we know about the man behind the racist beach rant

Actions have consequences, as Adam Catzavelos is finding out on Wednesday morning. But who is the K-word slinging holidaymaker?

Adam Catzavelos K-word tourist

(Twitter screenshot)

It’s been a life-changing 24 hours for Adam Catzavelos, and he’s only got himself to blame. He’s been identified as the person behind a shocking viral video, celebrating the lack of black people at his holiday destination and using the K-word.

After the video was shared on social media, thousands of Twitter users registered their disgust with his behaviour. Some vowed to find the man responsible for such an ugly rant, and they’ve now found him.

You can file this bloke alongside the likes of Penny Sparrow and Vicki Momberg. That’s how his name is going to be remembered – in infamy, and as one of South Africa’s most instantly unlikeable people.

Who is Adam Catzavelos?

He’s an entrepreneur

It would seem that Catzavelos has worked for himself for a long period of time and that his job description is best-described as entrepreneurial work. Nedbank have been forced into confirming he isn’t their employee, despite a previous affiliation with them

Catzavelos was profiled on Radio 702

As part of a Business Accelerator Programme in 2014, the racist ranter was interviewed and showcased by 702. However, the radio station has quickly moved to distance themselves from his actions, strongly condemning racism in all forms.

He’s part of a father-and-son business

St Georges Fine Foods is a family run sauce business that was created by Adam’s father, George Catzavelos, back in 1968. His son took over the reigns in 2003, alongside his brother Nicholas.

According to their website, George was originally a steak-house entrepreneur and – apparently – he was the first man to baste and marinade steaks in South Africa.

The worst thing about Adam Catzavelos? People aren’t afraid to support him

This was taken from the Radio 702’s comment section when they shared the post on Tuesday. If you’re questioning why someone like this guy thinks it’s okay to post something so grossly offensive, just remember that there’s a huge crowd of enablers out there