julius malema cr17 ramaphosa

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CR17: Julius Malema issues 10-word warning to Cyril Ramaphosa

Julius Malema has renewed his hostilities with Cyril Ramaphosa, as the EFF leader heaps more pressure on the president’s CR17 donations.

julius malema cr17 ramaphosa

Photo: Flickr / GCIS

The spectre of the CR17 campaign funds has returned to haunt Cyril Ramaphosa in a major way this month. After billion-rand donations were made to his ANC leadership bid back in 2017, the sources of these generous handouts were questioned extensively – not least by EFF leader Julius Malema.

Cyril Ramaphosa and the CR17 saga

The president was able to secure a court order that sealed the details of his donors, keeping them private for the foreseeable future. However, this did very little to stop tongues from wagging – and, as Ramaphosa embarks on his latest-anti-corruption campaign, the issues on his own doorstep have become a major talking point.

Over the past seven days, Ramaphosa has issued a letter to his fellow party members. He has called for an end to the corruption that has blighted the ruling party, but of course, there have been pushbacks. Several prominent members have called for Cyril’s resignation, and Jacob Zuma penned a scathing letter of his own.

Julius Malema chimes in – with a warning for Cyril Ramaphosa

Zuma accused his presidential successor of ‘hypocrisy’, and said that the sentiments shared by Cyril were made public so the head of state could ‘save his own skin’. However, with Julius Malema now joining the pile-on, the attention towards Ramaphosa’s mysterious financial backers has intensified greatly.

No-one enjoys stirring the pot on Twitter quite like Julius Malema does. His rogue brand of shithousery returned late on Sunday evening, as he issued a brief – yet stern – warning to Cyril Ramaphosa:

Julius Malema stokes more ANC tensions

Last week, Malema claimed to have insider knowledge that a number of key ANC members planned to form a ‘breakaway party’ in the wake of the COVID corruption scandal. He hinted that Derek Hanekom was one of the major players in this alleged plot, but nothing has surfaced to verify these rumours.

Later on Monday afternoon, the ANC will brief the media about the outcomes of their NEC meeting held over the weekend. Billed as a showdown between Ramaphosa and the rebels within the party, the resolutions will outline just how committed the president is when it comes to stopping state-sponsored looting.