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SAHPRA refuse to give in to ‘pressure’ from EFF leaders

The EFF is set to cause chaos outside of SAHPRA’s head offices on Friday – but the medical authority is standing firm in the face of political pressure.


Photo: EFF / Twitter

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) has hit back in its row with the EFF, with the Red Berets set to march on their offices later this morning.

SAHPRA stand firm vs EFF

The political organisation is protesting in a bid to ‘force the approval’ of several other vaccines that are not being used in South Africa yet. The Chinese and Russian COVID-19 jabs are still under review from SAHPRA.

In an act of defiance, the EFF says that its members will not comply with lockdown rules until either treatment is permitted in SA. However, that’s not really how these things work.

“The normal process for the evaluation of a vaccine necessitates that all the required information regarding product safety, efficacy, and quality be provided at the time of submission. SAHPRA has fast-tracked all COVID product reviews and like other countries, has approved products on an emergency use basis with product-specific requirements.

“Whilst reviews can commence earlier with a rolling submission, it is important to note that some very important efficacy, quality, and safety information is sometimes outstanding and would require review for consideration of such products for public use. If no application has been submitted, no regulatory review can be undertaken.”

SAHPRA statement

Chinese, Russian vaccines ‘still under review’

With hundreds of EFF followers expected to gather at the Gauteng rally – at a time where COVID-19 cases are soaring – the demonstration has been roundly chastised, even by the usual lockdown sceptics in the DA. SAHPRA, however, is standing firm – and they’ve made it extremely clear that they will not ‘bow to political pressure’.

“SAHPRA recently received an application for the Sinopharm vaccine. These data will be reviewed and evaluated. The Sputnik V application is a rolling review. Thus, as data becomes available to the applicant, it is submitted to SAHPRA.”

“In considering whether or not a vaccine introduced into South Africa is likely to be effective, SAHPRA must take into account the local epidemiology, and specifically which SARS-CoV-2 variants are circulating in the country.”

“SAHPRA will not be pressured to allow the public access to any product that has not met the necessary regulatory requirements and been found to be appropriate for use in South Africa.” – SAHPRA statement