Helen Zille Nelson Mandela Bay Day Zero

Helen Zille conducts an oversight visist in Gqeberha – Photo: DA / Twitter

SA city facing ‘humanitarian crisis’ – as locals told to QUEUE for water

Day Zero has arrived, and some South Africans will now be forced to fetch their ‘water allowances’ from communal collection points.

Helen Zille Nelson Mandela Bay Day Zero

Helen Zille conducts an oversight visist in Gqeberha – Photo: DA / Twitter

Large parts of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality – including the city of Gqeberha – are now on an unavoidable collision course with Day Zero. It’s predicted the taps will run dry at some point in the next week, and the situation has been branded a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

Nelson Mandela Bay ‘cannot escape’ upcoming humanitarian crisis

A lack of much-needed rainfall during a particularly punishing drought has put Nelson Mandela Bay, Gqeberha, and even the Eastern Cape as a whole in a difficult position. For a long while to come, life will be significantly altered for those based in the metro:

  • Two major facilities – the Churchill Dam and the Impofu Dam – have both hit rock bottom, in terms of their water levels.
  • Around 40% of all Nelson Mandela Bay residents will be left without running water ‘within the next few days’.
  • Municipal residents affected by the drought will have to queue up for their water at designated collection points.
  • The allocations are paltry, with the limit set at 50 litres of water PER PERSON, PER DAY.

Helen Zille bemoans ‘lack of preparation’ ahead of Day Zero

Helen Zille, the DA stalwart, has conducted an oversight visit to the municipality today. She has not been impressed by what she’s seen, claiming that NMB officials are still woefully unprepared for what’s coming.

Zille is particularly concerned by the state of some collection point taps, and she believes that the crisis is one that has been wholly manufactured by the region’s ANC government.

“Day Zero is set to hit Nelson Mandela Bay within a matter of days. This is a looming humanitarian crisis, and it could have been avoided if it wasn’t for the inability of the ANC-led coalition government to plan for this disaster and lead the City through it.”

“You need coordination in a state of disaster. Everyone must be on the same page and be willing to work together. Everybody must know what their role is. The DA will do all it can to assist residents during this unprecedented drought.”

Helen Zille