Woolworths liquor store

Photo: Flickr / Jim Cooper

Woolworths to open its own liquor stores: Here’s where you can find them

Woolworths is taking its booze from the grocery aisles, and putting it in their own liquor stores – here’s what you need to know about the new venture.

Woolworths liquor store

Photo: Flickr / Jim Cooper

It’s official: South Africa now has a new line of liquor stores launching this week – and they are being brought to us by retail giants Woolworths. The supermarket chain is no stranger to selling booze in its grocery aisles, but the breakaway business is intent on creating a ‘warmer ambience’ for customers who are partial to a tipple or two.

Woolworths liquor stores are coming!

For the first time, customers can today locate a ‘WCellar’ store and head there for all their boozy needs. The first branch has launched in Johannesburg, and not a moment too late it seems, as there are already whispers that tighter lockdown restrictions are returning to South Africa ahead of the third COVID wave.

Whether WCellar will witness a weekend rush remains to be seen. But the fledgling bottle stores are set to find their feet in the near future. If you fancy learning what all the fuss is about, you can now pop inside the shop to have a look.

Where is there a Woolworths liquor store?

  • – The first store, which officially opened on Wednesday 27 May, is situated in Bryanston, Johannesburg.
  • – For those familiar with the area, the new bottle store is adjoining to the Food Market of Woolworths’ Nicolway branch.
  • – A second WCellar store is primed for Gauteng, but no specific region has been identified yet.
  • – Once business is up and running in GP, there are plans for a national rollout ‘in the future’

Branching out into boozier business

Rebecca Constable is Senior Wine Buyer for Woolworths. She has hailed the diversification of Woolies’ portfolio, and assured customers that all of the drinks sourced have been ‘carefully curated’ by the retailer’s own army of experts:

“We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve on our offering of quality products, so we’re really excited about the launch of the WCellar brand extension. The selection of drinks has been carefully curated by our team of experts, and we’re confident that our customers won’t need, or want, to go anywhere else for their complete shop.”