Vehicle licenses motorists

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Motorists ‘face R1k fine’ if they fail to renew vehicle licences by Tuesday

The clock is ticking for almost one million motorists in Mzansi. The deadline to renew lapsed vehicle licences during lockdown ends tomorrow.

Vehicle licenses motorists

Photo: Unsplash

More than 750 000 motorists in South Africa could be slapped with a four-figure fine if they fail to renew their vehicle licences by Tuesday 22 September. The reminder was issued by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), who said that drivers choosing to ignore this advice put themselves in a very difficult position.

Which motorists need to renew their vehicle licences?

According to the RTMC, almost 2.5 million motorists saw their vehicle licence disks run out between the end of March and the last day of May. As these dates fell during the harder stages of lockdown, a grace period was granted to those who could not visit a renewal centre, as they were still closed down. The organisation went on to explain:

  • In July, motorists whose motor vehicle licences ran out between March 26 – May 31 were granted an extension period.
  • However, this ‘grace window’ came to an end on 31 August, leaving drivers with 21 days to renew their vehicle disks.
  • Those who fail to renew their vehicle licences by the close of business on Tuesday 22 September are likely to incur ‘late payment costs’.
  • The extension affected 2 465 439 motorists whose vehicle discs expired during the total lockdown period.
  • A total of 1 701 724 – or 69% of those affected – had renewed their licences by the end of last week.
  • This is not to be confused with learner’s licences, driving license cards, temporary driving licenses and professional driving permits – these are all allowed to run until January 2021. Only motor vehicle license cards are concerned by the 22 September deadline.

How much can you be fined?

For those of you who like to leave it to the last minute, the clock is ticking: If you fail to renew your vehicle license and you’re pulled over by the police, they can charge you as much as R1 000 for your indiscretions. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and the RTMC has urged road users to ‘save themselves some money’.

“With the deadline looming for the renewal of motor vehicle licence discs that expired between March and May, the Road Traffic Management Corporation urges motorists to comply and avoid penalties. Motorists who fail to renew vehicle licences by end of business tomorrow (22 September) will incur additional costs for late renewal”

“Penalties are calculated at 10% of the annual licensing fees per month. They also run the risk of receiving traffic fines of up to R1 000 if stopped by traffic officers while operating an unlicensed motor vehicle on a public road. We call on those who have not yet renewed to take urgent steps to comply and save money.”