October school holidays DBE

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Revealed: DBE plans to SCRAP October school holidays this year

Schoolchildren could LOSE their October school holidays for 2021, as the DBE scrambles to make up for lost time in the classroom.

October school holidays DBE

Photo: Unsplash

One of South Africa’s most prominent teaching unions has come out to vehemently oppose plans laid out by the Department of Basic Education (DBE), which punts the idea of CANCELLING the October school holidays in 2021.

No October school holidays? Unions resist DBE proposals

The Spring break is meant to be in place from 4 – 8 October, as learners take a week off school. However, ahead of the winter break, students were forced to end their school term five days early. The DBE, therefore, believes that the lost time can be made up – by scrapping the next planned academic holiday across the country.

It’s a controversial plan, to say the least. The DBE held talks with five teaching unions over the weekend, to officially table their proposal. However, it has been met with an almighty backlash.

SAOU say no to ‘catch-up plans’

The SA Onderwysers Unie (SAOU) represents educators nationwide, and the Afrikaans union is flat-out refusing to accept the cancellation of a planned break between terms. In a statement issued on Monday, the group fears that it’s not logistically possible to work through the October school holidays, questioning the education ministry’s thought process.

“The DBE intends to cancel the October school holidays to compensate for the five days that were lost as a result of the earlier closure for the winter holidays. The DBE was confronted as not one of the teacher unions was consulted in any way whatsoever. The ‘one size fits all’ approach makes no sense, as many schools are up to date.”

“The absolute fixation to insist on the normal 200 school days per annum despite the fact that the world is experiencing an extraordinary period as a result of the pandemic, makes no sense whatsoever. Many educators, and parents, have already incurred financial expenses for the October holidays – who will reimburse them?”

SAOU Statement
  • You can read SAOU’s full response to the DBE’s plans for the October school holidays here: