VUT december allowance protest

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December Allowance: Fiery protests erupt at VUT as students, police clash

Things are getting heated on our university campuses, as VUT students become the latest group to fight for access to their December Allowance payments.

VUT december allowance protest

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It has all kicked off big time at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) on Monday, as gatvol students made their grievances with the institution – as well as NSFAS – perfectly clear. The protests drew the attention of the police, and things soon turned ugly when the demonstrators crossed paths with law enforcement officials over their ‘December Allowance’.

December Allowance protests erupt at VUT

Students at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) have voiced their anger last week, after those who qualify for NSFAS funds learned that their December Allowance may not be paid ‘until scheduled exams are completed’. Protesting learners at VUT were told a similar story before sitting their assessments.

The torch of discontent has been passed from the Cape to the Vaal, and students turned out in their numbers to fight for the money they’ve been promised. However, several running battles have been reported in Vanderbijlpark this afternoon:

Watch: Officers detain protester at Vaal University of Technology

Why are students protesting for the December Allowance?

Some VUT students shared their harrowing situations with the Twitter community, explaining how a failure to pay the December Allowance before all exams have been sat leaves them feeling both worried and frustrated.

VUT learners express their grievances

Fires were started outside of the main gates, but the protests remained largely peaceful until the police showed up. Many students dispersed, but others weren’t so lucky. We understand that at least one youngster has been detained following the demo outside VUT. However, despite the interventions, the situation remains tense.