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Carte Blanche: Here’s what’s on tonight, 25 November

Looking at nothing else but the hard facts, this is what’s on tonight’s show.

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Carte Blanche will, once again, take a look into the issues that affect South Africa. 

On tonight’s show, the team of investigative journalists will explore topics such as the rise of the fight back against hijackers and the story of William Endley, South Africa’s military adviser who escaped a death sentence in South Sudan.

Let us also take note of the fact that Saturday, 24 November was Derek Watts’ birthday. Well wishes to him and may he continue bringing us the fantastic in-depth analysis in current affairs we enjoy so much on a Sunday.

Without any further ado, here is what’s on Carte Blanche tonight.

Motorists fight back against hijackers

Hijacking is a very violent crime that many motorists who live to tell the tale will forever be glad they made it out alive.

These kinds of criminals are ruthless in their ways and are prepared to take a life for that targeted vehicle.

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The rise of social media has made it a common sight to see viral videos of motorists being attacked in their cars, some unfortunately losing their lives trying to fight back.

This is the part of the discussion that Macfarlane Moleli will delve deeper into. Expect to see first-hand accounts from motorists who were approached by hijackers and find out how they bravely fought back.

How William Endley escaped a death sentence in South Sudan

Thanks to the bilateral relations between South Africa and South Sudan, former advisor of South Africa’s military, William Endley, will live to spend Christmas with his family for the first time in many years.

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We will find out more about the work Endley did, how he ended up in a maximum security prison in South Sudan, facing a death sentence, and what led to him receiving a presidential pardon on tonight’s show.

A look into the Global New Car Assessment Programme 

It has recently been discovered that the safety of our vehicles is not of an international standard. 

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The AA has introduced the Global New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), a rigorous test that seeks to evaluate new vehicle designs for performance against a variety of safety threats.

On tonight’s show, Devi Govender will speak to vehicle manufacturers to get reaction on the NCAP results.

Cape Flats youth restore hope in the Karoo

You may not know it but the Karoo is facing its harshest drought this century. Farmers are at the end of the line, doing everything in their will to save their sheep from dying of dehydration and other factors caused by the extreme conditions.

On tonight’s episode, we will find out about how an unlikely group of young men from the crime-ridden Cape Flats has stepped in to help save the lives of the sheep and assist the farmers in these dry times.