Cyril Ramaphosa motion of no confidence

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Motion of no confidence: Why the DA won’t vote against Ramaphosa

President Ramaphosa is likely to be untroubled by the motion of no confidence being held on Thursday – and the DA have also explained their position.

Cyril Ramaphosa motion of no confidence

Photo: GCIS

With Cyril Ramaphosa facing his first motion of no confidence on Thursday, some political onlookers may have assumed that the DA would take the opportunity to voice their disdain towards the president. However, party whip Natasha Mazzone has revealed that the opposition ‘will abstain’ from the crunch vote.

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) was successful in lodging the motion, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely that the vote to try and remove Cyril Ramaphosa will achieve anything at all. The party, with two seats in Parliament, blames the president for failing to address issues such as corruption and inadequate service delivery since 2018.

Why won’t the DA support a motion of no confidence?

However, their greivances will not be backed up by the blue benches of Parliament. Mazzone has explained, quite frankly, that the proposed motion of no confidence is ‘frivilous’, and distracts from more pressing issues which are facing MPs.

“The Democratic Alliance (DA) will abstain from voting in tomorrow’s motion of no confidence brought against President Cyril Ramaphosa. We believe that this is a frivolous motion that has been brought before Parliament by the African Transformation Movement (ATM). It only offers an ‘entertainment break’ from the work of Parliament.”

“The ATM – a side project of the Zuma/Magashule faction in the ANC – is destined to fail without the majority support of MPs. The two ATM MPs, together with a large portion of ANC MPs, will need to vote in favour – a step which may also place a number of Zuma/Magashule allies in the Ramaphosa Cabinet on the chopping board.”

Natasha Mazzone

Will Mazzone, DA change their minds?

However, Mazzone said the DA may consider backing a no-confidence vote in the future if Ramaphosa doesn’t implement his economic reform strategy as promised. She concluded that this entire motion should serve as a ‘wake-up call’.