Explainer: What exactly is the

Explainer: What exactly is the #MeToo campaign all about?

This latest social media trend has become worldwide news following the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Explainer: What exactly is the

Twitter can be a jungle, sometimes. But every now and then, a sense of community is built to help people realise they don’t have to fight their battles alone. This is exactly what the #MeToo campaign is all about…

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a very powerful message last night: She asked anyone on the social media platform to respond if they’ve encountered any form of sexual harassment or assault in their lives, to prove that the Harvey Weinstein scandal is no ‘one-off’ incident:

32,000 people share abuse stories on Twitter

The response was overwhelming. More than 32,000 people responded to Milano’s request, and shared their painstaking experiences with sexual assault.

The campaign has certainly harnessed the attention it needs to be taken seriously. Not only is it heartbreaking to see so many women suffering in silence, but one tweet from Jyn Erso summed up how prevalent sexual harrasment is:

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The brave women, and some men,  who bared their souls found plenty of love and support from other Twitter users, too. The intention is to open the eyes of people who still see sexual harassment as something to be taken lightly. It certainly achieved that:

Twitter users rally behind #MeToo campaign