Gwede Mantashe

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Calls for Gwede Mantashe ‘to be fired’, amid money laundering allegations

The DA believe Gwede Mantashe ‘must be removed’ from his positions of power, after the minister was accused of taking part in a money laundering operation.

Gwede Mantashe

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Gwede Mantashe‘s alleged links to a money laundering venture have been slammed by the DA on Sunday. Shadow Minister Kevin Mileham, whose portfolio includes mining and energy, believes that President Ramaphosa ‘would be doing South Africa a great service’ if he were to remove his ANC colleague from office.

Gwede Mantashe accused of ‘money laundering’

Media reports on Sunday state that the Gwede Mantashe Foundation has been complicit in a scheme involving several subsidiary companies. The minister’s wife is also thought to be benefiting irregularly from a government contract. The fresh allegations weave a rich tapestry of intrigue and financial misgivings:

  • Bidvest subsidiary, Voltex, allegedly made a number of dubious payments to Ntlokholo Investments .
  • Chief Operating Officer of the Gwede Mantashe Foundation, Caswell Mokoena, was a director at Ntlokholo.
  • One of the payments, for an amount of R935 000, was quietly intended as a donation to the Foundation.
  • Payments to Mokoena were allegedly related to the National Solar Water Heating Programme. But Ntlokholo isn’t involved in the NSW heating tender.
  • The project itself is administered by Mr. Mantashe’s own department, raising further serious questions
  • Meanwhile, Gwede Mantashe’s wife – Nolwandle Mantashe – was a director of Royal Mnandi. They are the beneficiary of a catering contract in excess of R600 million, to feed workers constructing the Medupi and Khusile power stations.

DA lobby for minister’s removal

Mileham is calling for a full investigation into the conduct of the ANC veteran.

“Reports that the Gwede Mantashe Foundation may be involved in money laundering must be fully investigated and the Minister’s role in this scandal clarified. All of these coincidences raise serious questions about the man in whose orbit all these dodgy deals keep happening: Minister Gwede Mantashe himself.”

“With this in mind, President Ramaphosa would be doing the country a great service by removing him from any position, including that of Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, where he can influence tenders or where his involvement in any way calls into question the legality and ethical management of government funds.”

Kevin Mileham