South Africa twins Namibia homophobic

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Diplomatic row brews between SA and Namibia – due to ‘homophobic laws’

The DA is backing the ANC to take a stand against our neighbour, after two babies – born in SA to a same-sex couple from Namibia – were refused citizenship.

South Africa twins Namibia homophobic

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A Namibian citizen and his partner are fighting tooth and nail to secure citizenship for their twins, after they were born to a South African surrogate earlier this month. Phillip Luhl has revealed that the Government of Namibia is refusing to grant citizenship to the newborns, and much of the blame has been placed on the ‘homophobic laws‘ across the border.

‘Surrogate baby row’ sparks controversy in Namibia

Namibia does not recognise same-sex marriages. For the babies to be allowed into the country from Mzansi, Luhl would first have to prove that he is DEFINITELY the father of the children. The twins currently have South African birth certificates, on which Luhl and his Mexican-born husband – Guillermo Delgado – are reflected as their parents.

Who is Phillip Luhl? Dad at the centre of an international issue

Home Affairs Minister Frans Kopofi is being sued by the couple, whose case is being heard in the Windhoek High Court. However, an urgent application comes with an agonising three-week wait for the judge to make his final decision.

In predictably combative fashion, Kopofi defended his hardline stance on allowing the twins into Namibia. He argues that there is ‘not yet any proof’ their children are Nambian by descent – and he ‘does not want to just give citizenship to a Mexican child’. In fact, his whole response has been something of an eye-roller…

“These people want us to give their children Namibian documents – citizenship by descent. We have a problem with that because we need to know that indeed these children have Namibian DNA.”

“We don’t want to give Namibian citizenship by descent to a Mexican child. Before we give national documents to these kids, these fathers must prove that indeed these children have Namibian blood in them.”

SA officials asked to take a stand against ‘homophobic laws’

The South African Government, with some of the most liberal laws in the world as a result of its relatively modern Constitution, has been urged to act. Darren Bergman is the shadow DIRCO minister – he wants to see both Naledi Pandor and Aaron Motsoaledi take a stand against their Namibian counterparts, regardless of who it upsets…

“SA government must act on its foreign policy which is centred around the protection of human rights in Africa. Ministers Naledi Pandor and Aaron Motsoaledi must use the government’s diplomatic channels to stop this homophobic discrimination and infringement on the human rights of this couple, and other same-sex couples across the continent.”