luxury service lift premium

You are required to keep your mask on inside the airport and during the entire flight. Image: Adobe Stock

Wow! This new ‘luxury service’ is now available for domestic flights in SA

Thanks to Lift Airlines, a new ‘luxury service’ for travellers is now available – say goodbye to the middle seat, and get ready to stretch your legs…

luxury service lift premium

You are required to keep your mask on inside the airport and during the entire flight. Image: Adobe Stock

We’ve all been there: You get on your plane, squash yourself into an unfairly designated middle seat, and endure an agonising discomfort for hours on end. However, it doesn’t have to be this way – and that’s thanks to Lift Premium. The domestic airline has launched a new ‘luxury flight service’, offering travellers an exclusive level of comfort.

Luxury flight service back on the menu for Mzansi

With SAA flights still grounded and Mango in disarray, air travel in South Africa stands at a crossroads. Lift has swooped in to take a slice of the Cape Town to Johannesburg market, and they’ve decided to up the ante even further.

“Our teams have worked to reconfigure our first three rows to create a Premium section‚ with special attention to detail‚ space and convenience – ideal for business travellers and frequent flyers alike. We’ve considered what the business and frequent traveller really values most – and that’s space‚ comfort‚ flexibility and service.”

What do you get from Lift Premium?

So, for those wondering if it’s worth splashing some additional cash, what exactly do you get when you book with Lift Premium? There is a multitude of benefits on-board, and convenience is certainly the name of the game here:

  • Lift Premium offers ‘market-leading legroom’ across all domestic flights.
  • There are wider seating options available, and the middle seat converts into an additional tray table.
  • A reclining window OR aisle seat for optimum space and comfort ‘is guaranteed’.
  • All Lift Premium travellers receive unlimited booking changes.
  • You can change or cancel your flight right up until one hour before departure – FOR FREE.

What does a Lift Premium flight cost?

Bookings for the luxury service have opened on Monday 30 August, and the first available Lift Premium flight takes off on 10 October – just six weeks from now. However, as you’d expect, it will cost a pretty penny. Standard domestic flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg are going for R1 200 to R1 300.

Lift Premium flights are valued at about R2 850. But, you do get all this thrown in with your ticket…

 Baggage– 2 x 7kg Hand Baggage
– 2 x 23kg Checked Baggage
– 1 x Additional Special / Sporting Equipment
 Seat – Free Seat Selection
– Extra Legroom Seat w/ Recliner
– No middle seat – Guaranteed window or aisle
 Flexibility– Unlimited Flight Changes
– No Penalty Fees (Fare diff may apply)
– Full refund to LIFT Wallet
 Support– Priority Support
 Airport– Dedicated Check-in Area
– Vida voucher
– Fast Track Security
– Priority Boarding
– Lounge Access
– Priority Baggage