Norma Gigaba Malusi Gigaba Guptas

Photo: Elmond Jiyane / GCIS

Gigaba blessers: Guptas showered Malusi and Norma with THESE lavish gifts

Look out for the Guptas, and they’ll look out for you: According to Norma Mngoma, the brothers showered her and Malusi Gigaba with luxury presents.

Norma Gigaba Malusi Gigaba Guptas

Photo: Elmond Jiyane / GCIS

One of the worst kept secrets in South Africa politics was exposed in great detail by Norma Mngoma, after she testified against her estranged husband Malusi Gigaba and his close relationship with the Guptas on Monday. Now, we know the Indian brothers looked after the ex-ministers who helped facilitate state capture – but we didn’t realise it went THIS far.

What gifts did Norma and Malusi Gigaba allegedly receive from the Gupta brothers?

Malusi Gigaba remained loyal to the Gupta brothers throughout Jacob Zuma’s nine-year presidency. He went into bat for them in several high-profile cases – not least the infamous ‘citizenship case’. The controversial politician had has subservience rewarded, according to Norma, and she described gifts that the Guptas ‘lavished’ upon the pair:

  • – A white, three-series BMW was allegedly gifted to Gigabyte by the mega-rich fugitives.
  • – Cash bundles were often given to Malusi Gigaba, totalling as much as R5 million – according to Norma Mngoma.
  • – In leather carriers, duffel bags, or simply in briefcases – the Guptas are said to have PLIED the ex-minister with cash.
  • – It was claimed that the billionaires funded large features of the Gigabas’ lavish wedding in 2014.
  • – And what good is a wedding without a honeymoon? That was also put on Ajay Gupta’s tab, apparently.
  • – Ajay was seemingly the busiest blesser, and he’s accused of buying a gold chain for the estranged couple’s young son.

State Capture Inquiry goes wild during the night shift

Norma Mngoma didn’t let up from start to finish last night – and her testimony will go down in the Zondo Commission’s ‘Hall of Fame’. However, she has also defended her own role in this ‘sordid partnership’ with the Guptas, claiming that the large gifts of cash were made to feel normal by both the corrupt family and her then-husband.

“Over the years, [Malusi Gigaba] had received cash and various gifts and benefits from the Guptas. Ajay Gupta gave him a lot. Our wedding cost millions, and I paid all the wedding expenses – including caterers and other suppliers – from the bundles of cash that was received from Malusi. He always used to carry large amounts of money around with him.

“I didn’t find it strange [the amount] because Malusi has been a minister for a very, very long time and also he told me that he had savings with the money market that he saves money from. And most of the expenses we don’t pay for them because it’s paid by the state … so to have a lot of cash is not something that was strange to me.” | Norma Mngoma