Wentworth father shot

Sifiso Brian Kunene who was shot in his flat. Image: Southlands Sun.

Wentworth father shot dead while holding five-month-old baby

A Wentworth father was allegedly shot dead in full view of his two minors after reprimanding teenagers who were fighting outside his window.

Wentworth father shot

Sifiso Brian Kunene who was shot in his flat. Image: Southlands Sun.

A father of two was allegedly shot dead while holding his minor daughter in Wentworth, Durban after asking teenagers who were fighting outside his window to stop. 

The incident reportedly happened on 15 May in Hime Street flats. 


According to Southlands Sun, Sifiso Brian Kunene was allegedly shot in his chest and fell to the ground while holding his baby in full view of his seven-year-old son. 

Kunene had reportedly asked the teenage boys to move their fight if they would not stop as there were children inside the house. Instead, the boys argued, kicked the door open and shot him. 

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According to his partner, he feared that their children could be hurt or killed should the teenagers start shooting as their house had bullet holes due to stray bullets from previous shootings. 

“I am heartbroken that both my children witnessed their father being killed in such a violent way. Sifiso was a good man and a reliable father and husband. He worked hard in the security industry and also held a job as a DJ to provide for us. Nothing will ever be the same again,” the woman told the publication. 

Wentworth father shot
A 14-year-old boy was shot earlier this month in Wentworth. Image via Twitter @SABreakingNews

Gang wars have reportedly claimed a number of innocent lives in Wentworth which is drug and crime stricken.

The father of two will be laid to rest this weekend. 

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