Tropical Storm Guambe South Africa weather

Photo: Saws

‘Torrential rain, and 166km/h gusts’: Will Tropical Storm Guambe reach SA?

‘Eloise’ had a horrendous impact on South Africa in January. Now, Tropical Storm Guambe is now fast approaching our continental mainland.

Tropical Storm Guambe South Africa weather

Photo: Saws

Just a month after Eloise ripped through the south-eastern coast of Africa, Tropical Storm Guambe is bearing down on the same region over the next few days. With several provinces in South Africa still trying to rebuild following the last extreme weather event, locals in northern parts of our country are now fearful that this potential cyclone could cause more damage.

South Africa set to avoid ‘another Eloise’

On Wednesday afternoon, the South African Weather Service stepped in to allay some fears. According to the experts, Tropical Storm Guambe is forecast to have ‘no negative impacts on SA in the days ahead’. Of course, these systems can be notoriously fickle, and there’s an outside chance this may change. But for now, it seems Mzansi is in the clear.

“Current predictions suggest that ‘Guambe’ will have no negative impacts on South Africa in the days ahead. The system should keep well to the east of SA throughout its lifetime. Beyond this, ‘Guambe’ can typically be expected to accelerate in a south-easterly direction, ultimately being absorbed into the predominantly westerly airflow of the mid-latitudes.”

Latest weather forecast for Wednesday 17 February: Where will Tropical Storm Guambe make landfall?

The same cannot be said for Mozambique, however. The coastal region between Xai-Xai and Inhambane is likely to be affected by strong winds, wind damage, and a storm surge on Saturday. Guambe is then expected to further intensify into ‘Tropical Cyclone’ status, with sustained winds of 118-166km/h. Beira and Vilanculos are also in harm’s way…

“Whilst South Africa is unlikely to experience any negative impacts of Tropical Storm Guambe, it is highly likely that a combination of torrential tropical rain and extensive flooding will affect an extensive part of the coast and adjacent interior of southern Mozambique, especially the region from Beira, through Vilanculos and southward to Inhambane.”

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