South Africa:

Possible snowfall is expected in parts of SA this weekend. Photo: Twitter

Lesotho covered in snow overnight, and flurries are now on their way to SA!

Our neighbours are rejoicing on Friday, after snow blanketed vast patches of land in Lesotho: These scenes bode well for snow-chasers in South Africa, too.

South Africa:

Possible snowfall is expected in parts of SA this weekend. Photo: Twitter

Let it snow, let it snow, Lesotho! The Mountain Kingdom has experienced something of a blizzard overnight, with large parts of the country now completely draped in the white stuff. What’s more, this weather is now heading to South Africa.

Lesotho hit by freezing flurries

AfriSki, the popular tourist resort locating high-up in our enclaved neighbour nation, received a substantial bulk of the snowfall. At least 10cm has settled here so far – and there could be more to come:

“Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho has welcomed its first major fall for the winter season. The snow started at 2:00 this morning and continued for a few hours covering the landscape around the resort with approximately 10cm.” 

“This comes after good news received earlier this week, that the Lesotho borders are open for travel. We are very excited about the early snow and to welcome our guests and loyal snow enthusiasts back to Afriski in a few weeks. It might be a little different with COVID protocols in place but we will offer the same quality ski experience.”

Peter Peyper, AfriSki Managing Director

Watch: Lesotho covered in snow on Friday 30 April

Friday forecast: When will South Africa get snow?

According to the experts, ‘much more snowfall’ is now on its way to the Drakensberg, with communities in the Eastern Cape and KZN likely to experience some wintery blasts in the higher peaks, near the border with Lesotho.

The flakes are expected to make landfall later on Friday, and persist into the early hours of Saturday morning.