KZN weather alerts: Severe sto

KZN weather alerts: Severe storm warnings for Wednesday 13 November

Batten down the hatches. From Durban down to Port Shepstone, the KZN weather on Wednesday comes with a number of warnings and advisories.

KZN weather alerts: Severe sto

There is simply no respite for beleaguered residents from the KZN weather this week. Wednesday is a day sandwiched between a powerful downpour and the devastating effects of a tornado. The relentless conditions mean that a whole stack of weather alerts remain in place today, on 13 November.

KZN weather: Alerts and warnings in place for Wednesday 13 November

A plethora of KZN weather alerts have been issued on Wednesday, many of which could be upgraded to warnings later in the day. Severe thunderstorms are to be expected across most of the province, and the early threat of flooding could strike low-lying areas before the main event on Thursday.

KZN weather alerts warning
Weather watches and advisories have been issued for most of the KZN weather forecast today – some could be upgraded to warnings later – Photo: SAWS

KZN on standby

In a rare sight, the entire length and breadth of KwaZulu-Natal is on alert for these severe conditions. Regions to the north have even been told to expect hail at some point over the next 48 hours. The warnings and alerts in place for thunderstorms this afternoon come into force from 13:00.

What is the difference between a weather warning and a weather watch?

A “weather watch” is an alert which calls for preparedness to weather hazards that will most likely occur within one-to-three days. These advisories have the potential to lead to disruptive and disastrous conditions, and although they aren’t classed with any severity, they should always be adhered to.

Meanwhile, a “weather warning” is an alert calling for the reaction due to high certainties of a severe weather hazard which is already occurring or imminent within 24 hours, and that could lead to disruptive and disastrous conditions.