Johannesburg weather Gauteng

Photo: Ventusky

Johannesburg weather: Gauteng braced for sub-zero temperatures overnight

Put some extra layers on and hope the heating doesn’t pack up tonight, those of you in Gauteng. The Johannesburg weather forecast is an embittered one.

Johannesburg weather Gauteng

Photo: Ventusky

Blimey, these wintery conditions aren’t letting up anywhere across South Africa. After the Western Cape endured a bracing weekend of cold, Gauteng looks like it is on for similar treatment on Monday night, heading into the early hours of Tuesday. In fact, several parts of the province could receive a ground frost according to the Johannesburg weather forecast.

Johannesburg weather for 1 – 2 July

A cold front is making its way into Gauteng late on Monday evening. Locals will notice the temperature drop a little more than usual once the sun goes down: We recommend you find your extra blankets and long socks now – you know, before frostbite sets in…

Okay, it won’t be that bad. But even the SA Weather Service are asking residents to take note of the cold…

Johannesburg weather – how cold can it get?

The Johannesburg weather forecast suggests that the city will just keep it’s head above freezing, with a low of 1C being predicted before sunrise on Tuesday. However, the rural south of Gauteng is on course to dip below zero, hitting -1C just outside of Vereeniging.

The overnight picture for Gauteng, 1 – 2 July 2019 – Photo: Ventusky

To the east, Nigel and Bronkhorstspruit are expected to dip below zero, whereas Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand can expect a comparatively balmy 2C. Those north of Krugersdorp and Cullinan may be lucky enough to see 3C during the dead of night.

Country-wide freeze

Meanwhile, the central interior of the country is also expected to feel a chill. North-eastern parts of Free State will be pushing -5C, and up to seven provinces have the potential to see the mercury drop below freezing. Only the Western Cape and Limpopo will avoid the sub-zero conditions. Just…

Johannesburg weather Gauteng
The overnight picture across South Africa, 1 – 2 July 2019 – Photo: Ventusky