snow on table mountain

A picture taken at the top of Table Mountain in August 2021 captured a small dusting of snow – Photo: Twitter / @TableMountainCA

Will Table Mountain soon get snow? Here’s what we know so far…

There are few things more breathtaking than seeing snow fall on Table Mountain – but are the odds now in our favour?

snow on table mountain

A picture taken at the top of Table Mountain in August 2021 captured a small dusting of snow – Photo: Twitter / @TableMountainCA

The iconic landmark towering over Cape Town is one of the most gorgeous sights on the planet – and it looks EVEN better with a dusting of snow, too. Due to recent weather patterns, there’s now a slight flicker of optimism that flakes could fall on Table Mountain this month.

Cape Town weather: Latest news and updates for Thursday 11 August

This week, we’ve had confirmation that THREE cold fronts will hit Cape Town and its surrounding areas. These systems are bringing substantial rainfall and icy temperatures with them. And, according to our latest forecasts, snow WILL fall in the Western Cape ‘within the next 48 hours’.

The SA Weather Service issued a warning earlier today, advising that light snowfall will occur ‘over some mountains in the province’. Forecasting experts Ventusky also predict a dusting for the Western Cape – but only in the extreme north-east, near Beaufort West.

For the next few days at least, snow on Table Mountain looks unlikely. But temperatures are plummeting again in the middle of next week, and more downpours are sweeping across the south-west. The Ceres Mountains are projected to receive some more light snowfall on 17 August.

Table Mountain snow
Yet another cold front is forecast for Cape Town next week. More snow predicted to reach higher ground – Photo: Ventusky

Snow on Table Mountain? Don’t rule it out just yet…

Although temperatures could drop to as low as 8C in parts of Cape Town next week, there’s no indication that it will be cold enough to bring snow to its most revered geological feature. Nonetheless, there is STILL cause for optimism – largely thanks to the current time of year.

In 2018, 2020, and 2021, there were recorded instances of snowfall at the top of Table Mountain. The coverings were modest, but video footage clearly shows flakes falling around awe-stricken visitors. What’s more, these winter wonders took place ‘within the last week of August’.

There’s no guarantee that Table Mountain will experience a snow flurry for the fourth time in five years, but with more rain and low temperatures projected for the rest of the month, one last icy blast could bring an arctic feel to the Mother City – and the jewel in its crown.