Kalahari Hail

The hail fell rapidly and furiously in this part of the Kalahari on Tuesday – Photo: Reenval SA

LOOK: Hail ‘the size of GOLF BALLS’ lands in the Kalahari!

Hail in the Kalahari? You better believe it. Another freak weather event has taken place in South Africa – we’ve got the details here.

Kalahari Hail

The hail fell rapidly and furiously in this part of the Kalahari on Tuesday – Photo: Reenval SA

An extreme weather event caught residents of a small Kalahari town off-guard this week. The people of Askham were pelted by chunks of hail that were reportedly ‘as big as golf balls’, briefly turning the desert region into a winter wonderland.

Kalahari hail-storm leaves locals scrambling for cover

Askham is one of the most remote locations in the Northern Cape. The small community sits near the international border of both Namibia and Botswana. It straddles the Kuruman River, and it takes just under two hours to drive to the town from Upington.

However, those who are based in Askham were treated to a very rare sight on Tuesday afternoon. This ferocious flurry blanketed some of the arid landscape, turning desert sands into a white tundra. One local managed to snap this sight during their dog walk.

Another extreme weather event for South Africa

This freak storm has occurred in a week where a number of provinces are being subjected to some heavy weather. Parts of the Northern Cape, North West, and Free State were pelted by heavy rain this week. These deluges are now heading east, towards Gauteng and KZN.

Kalahari hail
Askham is located in the extreme north of the Northern Cape, and sits just a stones throw away from TWO international borders – Photo: Google Maps

Kalahari hail: Freak storms ‘becoming the norm’ across Mzansi

Thunderstorms are also expected in Mpumalanga before the weekend. For now, the forecast remains unsettled before eventually clearing up within the next 48 to 72 hours. Funnily enough, the ‘golf-ball sized hall’ witnessed in Askham is not an isolated event for South Africa.

Just last week, a similar phenomenon was recorded in KZN. Residents of Nottingham Road were shocked when huge, over-sized drops of hail pelted down upon their community. A number of locals were forced to seek shelter at the time. You can read more about this incident here.