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Weather WARNING: Flooding can be expected in SEVERAL provinces

The SA Weather Service has warned of persistent heavy rains and flash floods in Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga on Sunday


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Gird your loins! The rough weather will likely get worse before it gets any better: The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has warned of persistent heavy rains and flash floods in Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga on Sunday, 5 December 2021.

“Disruptive rain is leading to flooding in places is expected over Gauteng, western and southern parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga this evening into tomorrow,” the SAWS had said on Saturday evening.

That’s not all: An alert for parts of the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal has also been issued.

“Today we are having a cut off low system over the south-western parts of the country and this is bringing scattered to widespread rain showers,” the weather service’s Jacqueline Modika told Eyewitness News (EWN).

The SA Weather Service says it is currently monitoring a potential risk of road flooding for motorists across the road network in Gauteng and other provinces on Sunday.

“On a broader scale, residents in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, the Free State, and North West, as well as the northern areas of KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern and Western Cape, should be aware of the risk of flash flooding, especially in low-lying areas,” the SAWS said.


The weather warnings come in the midst of Stage 2 of load shedding, which is expected to run until Monday morning on 6 December 2021, at exactly 05:00. Electricity cuts plus wet weather have always proven to be a recipe for disaster.

Eskom has attributed the rolling blackouts is due to the fact that generation units at Kusile, Medupi and Arnot power stations failed to return to service. Added to that is the delay of a unit returning to service at Tutuka power station. That’s not all: Eskom also says the failure of the coal conveyors at Medupi led to reduced output at the station. The embattled parastatal says this has been rectified, but it will still take time to recover the full operations.

“Furthermore, there was a complete shutdown of the Kendal power station ash plant due to an electrical fault. This required the station’s output to be reduced to minimum. The ash plant has since returned to service, and the ash backlog recovery is in progress,” said spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha.