Watch: MPs debated farm murder

Watch: MPs debated farm murders today, things got rather heated [video]

Farm attacks are indeed on the rise.

Watch: MPs debated farm murder

Farm murders, for many years now the anger over these attacks has been growing. Social media posts complete with gruesome pictures and lengthy write ups, white people online seem to be getting more and more angry that their cries are “not being heard.” Some have even gone as far arguing that there is a “white genocide” taking place in our country.

In parliament today MPs from all political parties took to debate the issue. This past weekend there was a “torture” incident which saw a women have holes drilled into her foot with an electric drill. This particular incident was used as ammunition for pushing the seriousness of the reported growth of farm attacks and murders.

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Freedom Front Plus MP Petrus Groenewald revealed details around a nauseating attack in Parys.

Groenewald labelled farm murders an “inconvenient truth.” The details of the murder in Parys are the most gruesome, it also helps back up his statement that these murders and attacks are not just “normal criminality.”

The EFF on the other hand seemed to take offence to the FF+’s statement, the red berets asked why the party do not cry out when it is black farm workers being attacked. EFF MP Hlengiwe Hlophe used the recent “coffin” incident as an example.

So unsurprisingly, the discussion on farm murders have always related to race, hence the “white genocide” claim. Carte Blanche reports that February of this year has seen the most farm attacks in a single month since 1990. Whichever way you look at it, that is an incredibly alarming statistic. More specifically, there were a whopping 46 farm attacks in the month, 16 of those were murders. Is it really a simple black and white race issue though?

Carte Blanche also report that only 6% of the country’s commercial farmers are black, (that is a MASSIVE problem in itself) the attack stats link up with that, showing 6% of the attacked farmers are black farmers.

The DA’s Annette Steyn concluded by saying government and political officials are only inciting the violence…  Where to next for farmers, will government take action? And, will we ever get to the route of the problem?