Watch: Malema schools ‘sensiti

Watch: Malema schools ‘sensitive fellow patriotic whites’ on land at property convention [video]

Juju will educate you, whether you like it or not.

Watch: Malema schools ‘sensiti

Julius Malema was as surprised as anyone to hear that he was invited to address the mostly white male audience of the South African Property Owners Association. The EFF leader addressed the “disruption” themed conference on Wednesday.

Malema pulled no punches as he went into the finer details of his party’s plans for the land of the country. Malema initially went after his audience for not doing enough to change property ownership post-apartheid, it wasn’t all negative though, he garnered loud applause when pushing for more white funding into fighting corruption.

“Your riches made you self-centred. If there is a disruption we need today, it is your neoliberal short-sightedness. Without a disruption, they are unwilling to share the land… Our fellow patriotic white people must stop being oversensitive.”

“When the EFF take over, we will ensure the state owns all the land. The land belongs to all South Africans.”

Malema also insisted that the state has to be the custodian of the land, otherwise the current owners won’t release it.

Malema took questions from the audience and the event host, he explained his policies in a manner which is sure to make sense to many South Africans, even those that have previously been distrusting of Malema.

Check out the video below and put your thinking cap on, you might just start taking Juju more seriously.