A woman is seen rolling to a Capitec ATM in style. PHOTO: Screenshot

WATCH: Woman rolls to ATM in…. uhm a TROLLEY!

This lady seems to be rolling around by any means necessary, with no issues, whenever she approaches a Capitec ATM.


A woman is seen rolling to a Capitec ATM in style. PHOTO: Screenshot

Imagine rolling to a Capitec ATM to withdraw money – not in a wheelchair – but in a trolley.

Despite the country’s financial difficult time, the high inflation and interest rates and the ever-increasing fuel prices, it seems Mzansi can still have some sort of fun.

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A video shows a woman rolling to the ATM. Not in a car, a wheelchair or a skateboard, but by being pushed in a trolley.

The bizarre sight even confused a man who seemingly also wanted to use the Capitec ATM. The puzzled man quickly figures that the trolley carrying the woman is headed for a cash withdrawal.

And indeed, the trolley, being pushed by someone dressed in a coat and covering their head with a hoodie, parks right in front of the ATM.

The woman being transported gets off from the bar handles on which she was seated, and bends over to use the ATM.

One wonders what is happening. Is she experiencing sore feet? Or is this her way of making a grand entrance for the Capitec ATM?


In another viral video, it appears the same woman rolled up to the same Capitec ATM. This time – literally.

This time, she ignores the long queue of people waiting to use the ATM. Coming from the side, dressed in a skirt, tracksuit pants underneath, a vest and sandles, she aims for the floor.

She puts her hands on the paved floor and literally rolls her body all the way to the front of the queue. She unapologetically gets up and proceeds to use the ATM.

People in the queue are looking at her in amazement and confusion as she nonchalantly operates the ATM.  

Shoppers passing by also seem puzzled as they watch the woman’s grand entrance to Capitec’s ATM.  

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In another video, the woman is seen in the same outfit on her hands and knees, crawling in front of a police van. She then spreads her body on the floor and proceeds to roll over on the street before getting back onto her hands and knees.