riky rick shoes lick

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Excited fan gives Riky Rick’s shoes ‘a licky-lick’…

We hope those shoes are box-fresh, Riky Rick – because this die-hard stan has gone viral for getting a taste of the artist’s footwear during a live gig.

riky rick shoes lick

Photo: Twitter

Is this the biggest superfan out there? A woman has gone viral this week, after she was filmed LICKING THE SHOES of South African hip-hop sensation, Riky Rick. The homegrown talent has been performing overseas, and he found that the cross-border love is much more than just lip service – there’s a bit of tongue involved too!

Licking his kicks: Fan gets up close & personal with Riky Rik

Riky Rick was performing at The Catch in Windhoek, Namibia, earlier this week. His intimate set brought a number of fans close to him – some would say within ‘licking distance’ – as he went through his back-catalogue of smash hits.

Sure enough, the performer whipped the crowd into a frenzy, prompting one fan to really put her neck into it. The female fan masters the art of bootlicking, song-singing, and hand-waving all in one 20-second video clip. Clearly, she was having the time of her life – it’s just unfortunate that this is the EXACT type of thing you shouldn’t do in a pandemic.

Watch: Woman licks Riky Rick’s shoes mid-performance

South Africans react to viral video

Riky Rick is used to being praised, given his outstanding body of work – but this completely new way of paying tribute to an artist you really like hopefully won’t catch on. After getting a taste, the woman soon got back to vibing – but not before she became one of the biggest internet memes of the week.

Social media users have been fairly unforgiving, and on top of a killer hangover, this particular partygoer will have had to suffer through some pretty intense ‘night-before flashbacks’. The Twitter community has had a field day…