SAPS Mpumalanga assault

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Watch: SAPS deny claims they let suspect ‘mercilessly beat’ woman

SAPS have vehemently rejected claims that they were complicit in the disturbing assault of a woman in Mpumalanga, after the video footage went viral.

SAPS Mpumalanga assault

Photo: Twitter

SAPS have released an official statement on Sunday, after officers in Mpumalanga were accused of allowing a male suspect to assault and tie-up a woman in full view of the police. The shocking viral video clip was shared over the weekend, and it’s claimed that the man had a cut a deal with cops to ‘turn a blind eye’.

SAPS deny claims they ‘let GBV happen’ on their watch

This, however, has been strenuously refuted by the local branch of SAPS. Issuing a response earlier in the day, they claimed that ‘malicious lies’ were being told to sew distrust between the public and the police:

“We wish to set the record straight regarding a video clip making rounds on social media, in which a man is seen mercilessly assaulting a young woman. Some individuals opted to use this opportunity to spread malicious lies, purporting that the man was not apprehended because he negotiated with police.”

“This damaging statement lacks credibility and is vehemently refuted at all costs. The assault seen on the video, took place around February or March 2020 and since then, the victim did not open a case. Neither did police negotiate with the alleged perpetrator regarding the incident with a view to exonerate him.”

“Police are calling for anyone who has evidence that suggests police negotiated with the man, to come forward so that such evidence can be tested as these allegations are viewed in a serious light.”

Statement from Mpumalanga SAPS

Watch: Mpumalanga woman assaulted in broad daylight

The distressing clip shows the suspect man-handling a woman, and bundling her into a vehicle. He uses a rope to tie her hands, before punching her in the back of the head. Bystanders are left gobsmacked by the assault:

Mpumalanga SAPS ‘seek evidence’ from online community

Although the allegations have been refuted, SAPS have stated that those who can back up their claims of corruption must come forward to the police immediately. They have also encouraged women to ‘speak up’ about GBV, and furthermore, they have urged male citizens to ‘stop committing these barbaric acts of GBV’: