Nomia Ndlovu Rosemary

Photo: Twitter

Nomia Ndlovu: After ‘flashing and posing’, alleged family killer weeps in court

Genuine fears, or crocodile tears? Nomia Ndlovu hasn’t exactly endeared herself to the court this week, and there was more drama on Wednesday.

Nomia Ndlovu Rosemary

Photo: Twitter

The trial of Nomia Ndlovu – also known as Rosemary – has taken another dramatic turn on Wednesday, after the alleged murder-plotter of SIX family members broke down in tears while on the stand.

Suspected family killer Nomia Ndlovu ‘in tears’ on Wednesday

Her courtroom appearances have already puzzled onlookers, and just 24 hours ago, she seemed to be very comfortable in mocking the court – as well as the gravity of her situation. The former police officer was seen posing for the media, bantering with reporters, and at one point, she flashed her backside towards the courthouse gallery.

Her behaviour has been utterly perplexing, and earlier today, she made a complete u-turn. Nomia Ndlovu was visibly emotional, and when asked about her boyfriend – who was apparently killed by hitmen she hired – it all became too much. ‘Rosemary’ started to weep in the dock, and proceedings were postponed for a short while.

Watch: Nomia Ndlovu breaks down during court session

Who is Rosemary, and what is she accused of?

Her defence team has an uphill struggle to convince the court that their client is innocent. Damning video footage of Nomia Ndlovu telling an assassin how to kill one of her family members – as part of a cruel and callous bid to secure R1.4 million in life insurance payouts – has put the defendant on the backfoot.

However, it has been argued that ‘Rosemary’ was only forced to say those things, and she is being set up by someone else. After her inappropriate conduct on Tuesday, it seems the severe implications may have just dawned on Ndlovu.