Truck N12

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Horrifying footage shows truck pushing car SIDEWAYS down the N12

Alarming footage of an incident on the N12 has been shared far and wide across social media on Thursday, after a truck and a car became entangled.

Truck N12

Photo: Twitter

You’ve got to have a strong stomach to go through this. The driver of a light motor vehicle was given a hell-ride down the N12 – after they were pushed SIDEWAYS by a massive truck on the busy highway.

Truck spotted pushing vehicle on N12 carriageway

Footage has emerged of the incident, and was uploaded by the SA Truckers page on social media. The clip shows frantic efforts to get the truck driver’s attention, but it seems their pleas for the lorry to stop simply fall on deaf ears.

The video is now doing the rounds online, and Road Traffic Authorities have been asked to provide comment on the situation. The treacherous driving conditions at the time make this incident all the more perilous.

From the recording, it becomes clear that the smaller vehicle has become wedged to the front of the truck. Locked in a position that faces across the carriageway, the driver is powerless to free their motor.

Authorities yet to clarify bizarre incident

Other motorists on the N12 desperately try to halt the truck, but to no avail. One person even speeds ahead of the HGV, pulls over at the side of the road, and furiously tries to flag it down. However, the bakkie occupant soon has to jump back into his motor, to avoid getting wiped out by the lorry himself.

The person behind the camera claims that there was a collision between both vehicles, but the trucker seemed oblivious to the aftermath. This particular footage was captured around the Johannesburg region of the N12, at the turn-offs for the N1, N3, Germiston, and Roodepoort. It’s understood there were no fatalities or serious injuries to report.

Watch: Truck rams vehicle sideways down the N12