TikTok emily rose

TikTok Screenshot/@msemilyrose11

Watch: TikTok confession ‘never been kissed’ goes viral

A 27-year old woman who made a TikTok video in which she says she has never been physical with a man has attracted 1.7 million views.

TikTok emily rose

TikTok Screenshot/@msemilyrose11

A 27-year old woman who has never been kissed or physical with a man has blown up TikTok with her revelation to the world in her bid to find similarly inexperienced young people.

A video posted by Emily Lewis, who uses the TikTok handle @msemilyrose11 went viral on social media after she spoke candidly of her personal, romantic life, and it’s well…non-existence, although she did post in a later video that she has actually experienced love before. Just that she never acted on it in any physical shape or form…not even with a single kiss. The viral video attracted more than 1,7 million views and has been shared online and on radio around the world. Watch the video here via the Daily Mail.

“I am 27 years old. I have never dated anybody. I have never been physical in any way shape or form with the opposite sex. I am attracted to men,” Lewis said in her video.

“I have not even come close, ever, not once…and the only reason I’m saying this is because I saw another girl say this. I don’t remember how old she was but was near my age. She said it on TikTok and TikTok just blew up. They said they could not believe it..the comments were just insane,” Lewis said.

Lewis said she just wanted to speak of her inexperienced because she wanted to let others know that they were not alone.

“ I thought honestly there’s not many of us that I know of and I would love to know of more so if there are more women out there or men…near this age where it is just bizarre to the world, I’d love to know if you exist and I just want you guys to know that I exist,” Lewis said.

Thousands of people commented on the TikTok video and many came out of the closet to say that they also had not been kissed or been physical with anyone as young adults. 

Lewis shared in a follow-up TikTok video that she had in fact experienced love before when she fell for her male friend between the age of 17 and 20 but she said nothing ever happened, which in hindsight was a good thing as they would have been a poor match as a couple.