Mother's day

Watch: These Checkers staff gave everyone goosebumps at their store opening [video]

These workers have given us all the positive energy.

Mother's day

The voice is an extremely powerful thing, a group of people singing together can trigger a whole host of emotions within people. From some of the finest choirs to some of the incredible sounding struggle songs of our past. Us South Africans have a deep love and history with music.

With almost all negative news dominating the media platforms, it’s important to keep on the lookout for positive pieces of news, a story that makes us South Africans feel good inside. In the town of Ballito in Kwazulu-Natal, a new mall has just opened. The Ballito Junction mall has faced it’s own controversy during its opening. Yesterday ANC Youth League Members marched to the mall and even set a nearby sugarcane field on fire. The league was protesting the mall’s HR policies and demanding more jobs for local residents.

Watch: Youth League sets sugarcane field alight during march to Ballito

That didn’t stop the Checkers staff from feeling the good vibes though, staff members were caught on camera walking into the store in one massive group. The workers can be seen going through the mall singing together in perfect harmony. The Ballito Junction facebook account managed to film the staff, and we have to say it really gives us goosebumps.

To see the whole workforce of that store so united, ready and excited to get to work, it really shows us what a wonderful country we all live in. Yes, it may have its problems but it is the everyday people that make South Africa what it is, not the politicians. We may have political scandals but we will always have South Africans ready to outdo our politicians and show us all what it means to be proudly South African.

Checkers Ballito Junction workers, we salute you! Be sure to watch the video of the staff, below.