Watch: The moment a Ferrari is

Watch: The moment a Ferrari is ruined after Sandton crash with Mazda [video]

All those millions…

Watch: The moment a Ferrari is

Imagine getting to the stage in life where you can just go and buy yourself a Ferrari, drop a casual R5.6 million like it’s nothing. But then your worst nightmare happens, your car gets absolutely wrecked when you hit another car, a Mazda to be more specific.

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a Ferrari 488 Spider crashes into a Mazda CX-3 in Sandton on Saturday. The Ferrari can be seen speeding up towards an intersection, the Mazda then appears as it’s turning right.

This is how the cars looked after their collision. The Mazda definitely came off best…

Social media absolutely lost their minds after seeing the pictures of the crash. It seems that numerous tears where shed over the Ferrari. Twitter users were even determined to find out who was at fault for the crash. Some news outlets seem to think that the Mazda turned “when it was not safe to do so”.

One thing is certain, the insurance company must NOT have been happy when they heard about this particular accident. Check out the video for yourself below, see if you can work out who was the reckless driver.

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Video Footage from yesterday's Ferrari 488 crash.

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