Clanwilliam Dam project site offices wash away

Clanwilliam Dam project site offices wash away. Image: supplied

WATCH: Site offices washed away at Clanwilliam Dam

Videos began surfacing on Friday showing the Clanwilliam Dam project site offices being washed away after heavy rains.

Clanwilliam Dam project site offices wash away

Clanwilliam Dam project site offices wash away. Image: supplied

The Cederberg District Municipality has been doing damage control since Wednesday evening after Citrusdal residents were cut off from the outside world.

Heavy flooding cut off access to the Cederberg town, with some residents stranded outside with no way to return to their homes.

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The main access road off the N7 highway, the R393, collapsed on Wednesday evening during heavy downpours. The rapid-flowing Olifants River has all but blocked access into and out of the town.

The swollen Olifants river was also seen allegedly washing away site offices of the Clanwilliam Dam project.

Video: Supplied

Cederberg Municipality spokesperson Anthony Mlata said that a joint operation between the municipality, the provincial government and the West Coast District Municipality is currently underway.

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He said technical teams are trying to access Citrusdal along uncommon routes, while also appointing a contractor to fix the collapsed road however, more heavy rain is expected on Saturday.

Last year the Clanwilliam Dam project was extended after coming to a grinding halt, and is now expected to be completed in February 2028.

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The Clanwilliam Dam is located at the foot of the Cederberg Mountains, and was originally constructed in 1935 and raised to its present height of 34 metres in 1964.

The dam is currently undergoing remedial works to raise the existing dam wall by 13 metres and improve the foundation of the dam. The dam rehabilitation project began in 2013.

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The raising of the dam wall is expected to increase the yield of the dam by 70 million cubic metres per annum to boost the water supply to the Olifants River irrigation scheme. This will be a crucial aid to local farmers in the catchment area.