Watch: Reeva wouldn’t want me

Watch: Reeva wouldn’t want me to waste my life behind bars. Pistorius [video]

Have a look as Oscar Pistorius opens up about THAT night and going back to jail, in his first TV interview since the shooting.

Watch: Reeva wouldn’t want me

In an interview with ITV, Pistorius said he doesn’t want to “waste his life sitting there [in jail],” adding that he’d like to help the less fortunate if he’d be given the chance.

“I would like to believe if Reeva could look down upon me she would want me to live that life,” he added during the exclusive interview.

Watch snippets of the interview on by clicking through to ITV’s site here. The full interview will screen tomorrow night at 9pm.

TV3‘s also put up a preview of the interview that you can view here, although the ITV version reveals a bit more.