Parkhurst mugger tackled 2

Photo: Twitter video

Watch: Parkhurst residents hailed as heroes for tackling violent mugger

Parkhurst Avengers, assemble. This mugger chose the wrong neighbourhood, and ended up getting a taste of instant karma in the process.

Parkhurst mugger tackled 2

Photo: Twitter video

Who doesn’t want to see Friday off with something rather wholesome? These residents showed the true meaning of the term ‘community spirit’, when they came to the rescue of a woman who’d been targeted by a vicious mugger in Parkhurst.

Parkhurst mugger tackled by gatvol residents

CCTV footage from the Gauteng suburb captures a wrenching moment where the robber, posing as a jogger, got alongside his victim and brutally shoved her to the ground. He then snatched her purse and tried to make a quick getaway with the goods, but the woman managed to delay his escape by clinging onto her prized possession for a few extra seconds.

That brave fightback perhaps made a crucial difference. During the commotion, the targeted party made enough noise to alert several people who were in their homes at the time. Just as the mugger made a dash, a group of men emerged from their front gates and descended upon the criminal. He barely got to the end of the street, and then, BOOM…

He got wiped out by a big fella’. Wonderful scenes…

Watch: The moment Parkhurst residents took down a violent suspect

“He cried like a child when we took him down”

The robber was then given a taste of his own medicine: Just moments after pinning the lady to the floor, he was the one made to eat asphalt. The man was subsequently arrested and made an appearance in the Parkhurst Courthouse on Friday. One of the locals involved in the incident was identified on Twitter, and gave us his account of ‘the takedown’.

“I made the tackle – and I am feeling slightly peppered up – but I’m glad we could get a criminal off the streets… He was crying like a little child once we took him down. We need our men to not be afraid of these thugs.”

“Our women and children need us to be brave to make our communities safe The lady resisted the attacker and hollered, which alerted us to respond and we did. The guy has appeared in court on Friday morning, too.”

One of the ‘Parkhurst tacklers’ shares his side of the story
  • If any PR people from Bell’s are reading this, please identify this street and send every house a crate of your finest.