WATCH: Murder-accused ex-polic

WATCH: Murder-accused ex-policewoman’s odd behaviour raises eyebrows

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu cashed in R1.5 million in life insurance policies for family members whose murders she is allegedly linked to

WATCH: Murder-accused ex-polic

Former Thembisa police officer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is on trial for orchestrating the murders of six people, including her family members, but judging by her behaviour at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, 14 September 2021, she hadn’t a single worry in the world.

When she appeared in the dock, Ndlovu put on quite the spectacle for the media, posing for the cameras and making a few eyebrow-raising remarks during some banter with journalists. Whether intentional or not, her behaviour has many people asking questions.

Ndlovu is said to have cashed in R1.5 million in life insurance and funeral policies after the deaths of her boyfriend, sister, cousin, niece and two nephews. In some of the deaths, the state alleges that she paid someone – while the circumstances surrounding others remain unclear.

From being stabbed multiple times to being beaten to death, the details of how these heinous acts were conducted are shocking.

WATCH: Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu poses for the camera

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu met two men through her work as a police officer, Kunene and Lakhiwe Mkhize – they would soon prove to play a critical role in exposing her. Kunene alleges that in 2017, Ndlovu approached him about killing her sister, Gladys.

Kunene then told Lakhiwe about Ndlovu’s request, but soon he too was involved in the plot. They all are said to have driven to Glady’s home.

Ndlovu allegedly gave them R800 as a deposit and had promised to pay them R15 000 for the job, however the plot was never carried out.

In February 2018, Ndlovu had another victim in mind – her own elderly mother, who lived in Bushbuckridge. Again, Mkhize was shown the house of his target and this time paid R2 600 for the job. However Mkhize could also not go through with it as he claims when he opened the door, his conscience started to eat at him as he realised how old and frail she was.

Well it seems she wasn’t done as she came back to Mkhize a month after that botched hit on her mother asking him to kill her sister and her five children. Mkhize was disturbed by the plot and informed police, who arrested her in a sting operation.

TimesLive has managed to obtain the secret footage of her discussing killing her sister and children with the undercover office and hitman.