Midvaal tornado

Watch: Midvaal Tornado leaves hundreds displaced and multiple injured [video]

The “Midvaal tornado” has left hundreds without a home and many injured. Emergency services are now working frantically to get help to those who need it.

Midvaal tornado

When one thinks of storms in South Africa, no one thinks of tornados.  While they may not be a common occurrence, the people in the Midvaal area are currently finding out just much of a nightmare they can be.

A rapid storm began forming in the area last night and now over 300 people have been displaced and 50 injured after the tornado went through the Vaal Marina.

Bongani Baloyi, the Midvaal Mayor, said those numbers are expected to rise even further once a full assessment had been concluded. Two help centres have been set up to assist those residents who have lost their homes and possessions.

“We will be going back today and just try and access and see what the actual damage is. Electricity supply was completely cut off last night, with some of the electricity infrastructure damaged.”

No fatalities have been confirmed but the Midvaal Fire chief Hannes Steyn said relief is being provided.

“So at the moment Red Cross is providing those things they started already early this morning. They just need to see how many people need things and so on but at the moment definitely under control and doing very well.”

Mayor Baloyi told EWN the priority now is to help people start rebuilding their homes.

“We did contact the Gift of the Givers so they’ve already started sending us some supplies. And we’ll start seeing what other damage was there so we can also start calling for assistance and help and so on.”

Videos of the tornado and pictures of the damage quickly began spreading on social media.

This video does probably the best job of showcasing the damage and power of the tornado. Debris can be seen everywhere you look with houses roofs taken clean off. Boats are overturned and multiple shacks were left completely destroyed.

Let’s hope these people get help, fast.