Watch: Michael Bublé transform

Watch: Michael Bublé transforms his face, hair and accent to become a South African sales assistant [video]

Michael Bublé underwent a total transformation to fool shoppers in London for a BBC One Episode. Meet Dion from Johannesburg and hear his smashing South African accent down below:

Watch: Michael Bublé transform

You have to see Michael Bublé transform his face and hair and do his best South African accent. For a BBC One episode, the Everything singer went undercover as a South African sales assistant named Dion from Johannesburg.

Apparently Michael has a South African friend named Dion who probably helped him with the South African accent…and it is pretty good! In order to pull of the skit, Michael transformed his features with the help of a scary new prosthetic face and – eisj – a man bun to go undercover and prank shoppers in London.

“This is like my dream come true,” he says while make-up artists transform his face.

Later he joins a sales team at a store in London to fool shoppers into thinking he’s actually a sales assistant.

You can see him joking around and singing one of his hit-songs, Feeling Good, to the dismay of the shoppers around him. He even jokes around, saying: “I think maybe because it’s Christmas he [Michael Bublé] will come out of his cave or something.” Which is obviously a nod to a well-known joke that’s had the internet in stitches because he is known for his Christmas shows.

Watch Michael Bublé prank shoppers with his best South African accent down here:

Some comments on YouTube state that “when Michael starts to sing, you know nobody can do it the way he does…”

“This video proves once again why Michael Bublé is so popular – with a voice that is genuinely fantastic, ” said another. Others believes he is hilarious. “Totally amazing! He’s such a nicest person you could possibly meet in the world. I know the idea (to put prosthetic on your face and start walking around confusing their fans) is coming from Adele but this is equally hillarious!”

A while ago we also saw Adele go undercover as an Adele tribute singer in a genuinely funny and heartwarming video that racked up over 52 million views on YouTube.

You can watch Adele’s funny prank on Adele tribute singers down here: