Watch: Local factory engulfed

Watch: Local factory engulfed by fire, emergency services on site [video]

Firefighters have a monstrous task on their hands here…

Watch: Local factory engulfed

South Africans know that fires happen quite frequently in our country, from the Western Cape’s mountain fires to township fires that devastate thousands all around the country. Today it seems that Durban is the latest to fall victim to a massive blaze.

A factory near the Bluff has caught alight, paramedics and the fire department were called to the scene immediately. As one paramedic began filming he revealed that at that time there were no reported injuries as yet. Many onlookers in the area have captured their own visuals of the blaze, it really is a big one. Part of the factory’s roof can be seen caving in…

Due to the sheer size of the factory, many are worried that the blaze could end up taking the whole building down with it as it spreads.

The thick black smoke can be seen from various parts of Durban

The hashtag #DurbanFire has started picking up on social media as more and more people share their images and videos.

Crowds have since started gathering to look on in horror at the fire, some people have reported that this smoke makes it particularly hard to breathe.

With the fire currently nowhere near under control it’s clear the firefighters have an extremely difficult task ahead of them. Not at all a good start to the weekend for those guys. People have already come forward with drinking water donations for the brave men and women working to put this blaze out and save as much as the warehouse/factory as possible.

Check out a close-up view of the blaze a bit earlier, below.