smash and grab

Smash and grab in broad daylight in Joburg CBD. Photo: Screenshot.

Watch: JHB CBD smash and grab, movie style

DISTURBING – This smash and grab in broad daylight in the Johannesburg CBD has left many in awe and contemplating travelling to town again

smash and grab

Smash and grab in broad daylight in Joburg CBD. Photo: Screenshot.

Shocking JHB CBD smash and grab

A recent savage smash and grab in the Johannesburg CBD has proven once again that town is not a place to drive carefree.

Posted by the Intelligence Bureau SA on Facebook, a double cab bakkie is attacked by a group of people while waiting at the intersection for the traffic light to turn green.

According to the Intelligence Bureau SA, the incident happened between Market and Mooi Streets – a crime hot spot many motorists need to be aware of.

In the footage, the smash and grab culprits are idling around the intersection until the bakkie and a mini bus taxi made a stop. The first culprit goes to smash the driver’s window while more accomplices join in to smash more windows.

Watch here:

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The incident happens in broad daylight without any intervention from passer-bys and other motorists. The culprits whom we aren’t certain what they made off with, run away after the motorist unlocks his car and opens the door. He, however, did not pursue them but went back into the car.


According to Arrive Alive, thieves usually target vehicles with valuables exposed to the eye, including:

  • Purses, handbags and wallets
  • Laptop bags, briefcases and backpacks
  • Shopping bags
  • Cell phones, MP3 players and tablets
  • Loose change and CDs
  • Keys


Criminals will focus on those areas where they know traffic is often congested and where vehicles will remain stationary for a while.

These criminals also will often work in pairs where one will pose as a vendor, distracting the attention of the driver while the other party will perform the smash and grab from the passenger side.