EFF Members ejected Parliament

EFF memebers are ejected from Parliament on 9/6/2022 – Photo: Twitter

Watch: It’s been a while! EFF members EJECTED from Parliament

EFF members promised to disrupt Parliament on Thursday, and boy, they weren’t kidding – here’s how they got themselves ejected.

EFF Members ejected Parliament

EFF memebers are ejected from Parliament on 9/6/2022 – Photo: Twitter

Death, taxes, and EFF members being physically ejected from Parliament: There was pandemonium during a sitting of the National Assembly in Cape Town this afternoon, after several Red Berets caused an almighty amount of disruption.

More National Assembly nonsense…

The disgruntled politicians weren’t ready to let Cyril Ramaphosa deliver his speech on the Presidency’s Budget Vote for 2022. Those present in the chambers routinely raised points or order, before hurling insults towards the head of state and interrupting others.

The altercations pushed the start time of the president’s speech back, and the House Speaker struggled to regain control on Thursday. Resorting to drastic measures, security was called in to remove the EFF members from their seats in Parliament.

Watch: EFF members ejected from Parliament

Parliamentary guards whisked away a handful of those in red overalls, with a majority of the EFF only tuning in via video link. The cameras may have been turned off, but there was nothing ‘inactive’ about their microphones:

EFF members booted from Parliament – here’s why…

However, this ejection did little to calm a fractious atmosphere in this hybrid sitting. The EFF continued to wreak havoc, with those joining on Zoom – including Julius Malema – doing everything they could to shut Ramaphosa down.

The party remains furious with the ANC leader, after it emerged he had been hiding millions of dollars in one his farmhouses. The concealment of this cash stash is now the subject of a legal probe, and the EFF say they will treat Ramaphosa like a criminal – as they did with Jacob Zuma.

Therefore, Cyril Ramaphosa can expect many, many more disruptions like this in the immediate future.