Watch: International relations

Watch: International relations minister embarrasses herself, and us… again [video]

International relations and cooperation minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane is no stranger to making a complete ass of herself, but you’d think she’d want to leave all of that in 2016.

Watch: International relations

Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane is well-known for either talking absolute nonsense in TV interviews, broadcasting her glaring ignorance for the rest of the world to see or simply dozing off in parliament and; while most folks would make a concerted effort not to look like a dumbass after so many flops, it would seem the minister is intent on maintaining her ‘rep’.

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While attending the AU summit in Addis Ababa, Mashabane weighed in on the current process of electing a new director general of the World Health organisation, when she very publicly jumped the gun and congratulated the Ethiopian candidate on being elected to the position.

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Now, while Ethiopia’s former foreign minister Tedros Adhanom is one of three candidates poised to become the new DG of the WHO, the appointment only takes place after a vote on May 1, but that didn’t stop Mashabane, who even congratulated the minister on his “appointment” on live television.

“As I walked into the room I met with the former foreign minister of Ethiopia, who has just been elected the director general of the World Health Organisation, so I took advantage of hugging the man who is going high up. Maybe next time we will have to make an appointment, but we are elated. I know that I’m jumping the gun here,” the minister told Nigeria’s TVC News.

As if that wasn’t enough, South Africa’s department of international relations and cooperation retweeted picture of Mashabane meeting Adhanom, but got his name completely wrong on top of congratulating him on his “appointment.”

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