Watch: How to make easy cheesy


Watch: How to make easy cheesy Samosas like SuzelleDIY [video]

SuzelleDIY recently shared an old DIY video that has been hiding on her channel for some time. Find out how to make super easy Samosas over here

Watch: How to make easy cheesy


SuzelleDIY recently shared her easy cheesy Samosa recipe.

Suzelle shared the clip before Christmas saying it was originally a secret video which was linked to her first-released SuzelleDIY Book.

Along with the clip on YouTube, she said:

“Here’s another old DIY video that has been hiding on my channel! We made four episodes which were secret videos which you could only watch if you had bought my SuzelleDIY Book.”

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The 46-second clip shows just how easy it is to make cheesy Samosas for your next party.

Watch: How to Make Easy Cheesy Samosas

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Don’t miss out on other ideas by your favorite DIY specialist. For those of you who cannot get enough of SuzelleDIY, check out her kitchen karaoke episode, in which she performs some mind tricks all while jamming out to Ed Sheeran’s hit-song, Shape of You.

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There’s it!

In an older bite-size episode, Suzelle shows us how to slice a watermelon for easy-eating and without having to deal with sticky fingers. She also shows us how to make watermelon lollies, how to make fancy cocktail decorations and finally how to make a fancy drink….all with the use of watermelons in some way.