Watch: Ex-cyclone Dineo, altho

Watch: Ex-cyclone Dineo, although downgraded, is still bringing the heat [video]

The storm has been been downgraded, but last night things got pretty bad and we’re still in for a bumpy ride.

Watch: Ex-cyclone Dineo, altho

Tropical storm Dineo has been getting closer and closer to the South African coastline. Mozambique has already started to feel the effects of the storm that was set to become a category 1 cyclone. Earlier today the storm was downgraded , but heavy rain is still expected.

Watch: “Dis ‘n f****n groot storm hierdie.” Ex-cyclone #Dineo in a nutshell

On Wednesday evening the storm reached some Mozambique coastal towns. Reports show that there have been roofs blown off houses with wind-speeds of 160kph. Thankfully though, as of yet there have been no reported injuries.

“It is expected to move towards the Bunda Maria area of the Kruger National Park later today, still giving heavy rainfalls of 200mm per day in places.” – South Africa National Forecasting Centre

Major oil company Sasol has announced that they have suspended drilling activity at their oil and gas field due do the storm. Check out some video footage of the growing storm below.