Girl fishing at a beach in Durban

Eskom updates are an emotional ebb and flow. Image: Niney Ruthnam

(WATCH) Eskom: loadshedding won’t dampen spirits!

Eskom updates sends Mzansi into an ebb and flow of emotions. Many have taken to alternatives to enjoy the holidays and live off-the-grid.

Girl fishing at a beach in Durban

Eskom updates are an emotional ebb and flow. Image: Niney Ruthnam

Installing the latest loadshedding app can control your emotions from elated to irritated in just one second. And, if you are one-with-the-cellphone you will find on some days the updates keep your emotions on a steady ebb and flow. Lately Eskom has been unable to keep up and many people are choosing to just go with the flow.

Most citizens have a bachelor’s degree in all things Eskom right? They have the round-the-clock updates switched on and are aware this public entity just can’t handle them. Many have chosen to seek alternatives by being creative.

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Relax, take it easy: Go Fish!

Mzansi goes fishing regularly at the various beaches along the coastline. After catching their haul the entire family enjoys their dinner at a picnic spot using a simple braai-stand and coal to cook their food. Many are even building outside pizza ovens and stoves to keep calm and carry on. Thanks to the local online stores loadshedding kits come at bargain prices to ensure their people are staying on top of their game.

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Eskom power outages are here to stay . . .

Eskom has been failing for years now and the kids of Mzansi have stopped throwing tantrums. Thanks to the off-the-grid community citizens have been able to buy the latest devices such as inverters and UPS to keep them online for longer. Also advertising for various solar panels have taken off locally so there is hope that Mzansi won’t return to Year One anytime soon.

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