EFF Woman hit bat brackenfell 23

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Watch: Female EFF member ‘hit with a bat’ during Brackenfell protests

An EFF member in her early twenties has pressed criminal charges – after a masked man assaulted her in the street during Monday’s protests in Brackenfell.

EFF Woman hit bat brackenfell 23

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Sibongile Nkasayi, a 22-year-old member of the EFF, laid an assault charge against a man captured on video who used a bat to strike her. The suspect, who appears with his face covered in the video, was part of an angry mob that appeared outside of Brackenfell High School to disrupt a protest organised by the Red Berets.

Brackenfell protests cause mayhem

In the video, we see both warring factions mix with each other, as police fail to separate EFF demonstrators from furious community members. As the male walks past the victim, he gives her a push, before hitting her with the bat across her back. He then jabs her again – before Nkasayi warns him to ‘stop touching her’.

Despite the ferocity of the hit, the protester seemed unperturbed by the assault. However, 24 hours after violence erupted in Brackenfell, Nkasayi paid a visit to her local police station on Tuesday to file a criminal charge.

Watch: EFF member hit with a bat during Brackenfell protest

EFF respond to ‘Nazi’ jibes

Needless to say, the EFF is furious with the DA after Brackenfell. The Blues flippantly branded their protesting political opponents ‘Nazis’ on Monday, drawing widespread condemnation. The Red Berets have slammed the ‘hateful and insensitive remarks’, claiming it is indicative of the DA’s ‘free-fall into the gutter of insignificance’:

“The EFF rejects with contempt and disgust the DA’s shallow comparison of our party to the Nazis. In a desperate bid to stay relevant, they have cheapened the memory of the holocaust. The are trying to paint black people as a threat with their regressive ideology, by spewing hateful and insensitive comments in the wake of Brackenfell.”

“The DA is seemingly returning to its apartheid roots. Meanwhile, the EFF is a political party that believes South Africans should not live in racist silos. After Brackenfell, we now call on South Africans to reject the DA, particularly at the ballot box. We encourage their party to continue their disturbing free-fall into the gutters of insignificance.”

EFF statement