Watch: A seemingly drunk Edwar

Zuma Junior mid-rant (@AdvBarryRoux, parody)

Watch: A seemingly drunk Edward Zuma hurls abuse at Pravin Gordhan

Edward Zuma, a class act as always…

Watch: A seemingly drunk Edwar

Zuma Junior mid-rant (@AdvBarryRoux, parody)

The former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was heckled during a speech at a gala dinner by Edward Zuma, who many suspect to have been hammered.

In the incredible footage, Jacob Zuma’s son vociferously accuses Gordhan of lying, and ‘selling the country to white men in Stellenbosch’

His incoherent babbling doesn’t get any clearer, but it certainly gets louder. For the whole 72-second clip, Zuma Jnr repeats his claims that Prav is lying, through a strained voice and with a few slurred words:

“All what you’re saying, you’re lying. Pravin, you’re lying. You’re telling people lies. You sold the country to the white men in Stellenbosch. You sold the country; tell people that you sold the country to Rupert. You must come and meet me in parliament, I will tell you the same thing. I’ve always told you, you’re lying.”

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Admirably, Gordhan continues his speech as if Edward isn’t there and receives a warm round of applause at the end – with some of the kind reception surely being for his refusal to acknowledge the pissed-up son of the president.

Is Edward Zuma drunk and disorderly? Or has the alcohol merely helped him speak some truth? Let us know what you think after you’ve watched the video here: