Worcester school slap gender-based violence

Photo: Facebook screenshot

Watch: Classroom anarchy – WC schoolboy smacks female classmate

This act of alleged gender-based violence in Worcester has caught the attention of education authorities across South Africa.

Worcester school slap gender-based violence

Photo: Facebook screenshot

This act of physical violence in Worcester, Western Cape has been felt all the way over in Gauteng. Footage of a male student heavily-slapping a female classmate has gone viral online, and it even caught the attention of Panyaza Lesufi.

Authorities to investigate Worcester “school slap”

The Gauteng MEC – used to having his plate full – was alerted to the clip earlier on Thursday. He confirmed that he has consulted with education officials in the Western Cape, and even chastised those who claimed that the heavy-handed schoolboy had been “provoked”:

“I am told it’s outside Gauteng but I’ve already alerted the leadership that side in Worcester. This is completely unacceptable. We don’t resolve matters through violence. Remember an eye for an eye makes all of us blind.”

Panyaza Lesfui, Gauteng Education MEC on Twitter

Watch the Zwelethemba pupil hit a female classmate here:

Worcester learner accused of “gender-based violence”

The video is as abrupt as it is jarring. Almost immediately as filming begins, the boy smacks the back of the girl pupil’s head. He then storms towards the back of the classroom. The teacher, who appears to have been absent while the altercation took place, was unable to prevent this act.

Most of the secondary school pupils present in the Worcester classroom were left shocked by what happened, but there were some giggles also picked up on the camera – another disheartening facet to this clip.

In fact, many viewers have slammed the young learner for committing “gender-based violence” in the classroom. We’re expecting a statement to be issued by the Western Cape Education Department in due course, as the eyes and ears of the nation await a coherent explanation.